About Me

As a lawyer, researcher, writer and social media participant, I research and write about implementing technology solutions into law practice, emerging law practice business models and trends, and the significant security and ethical issues arising from the use of technology. I founded Law Practice Strategy in 2010 as a resource, information and service center addressing the future of law practice and legal technology, as related to the needs of solos and small firms in this new legal marketplace. LPS offers on-going updates, resources and consulting on why and how to integrate technology and the cloud, project management, alternative fee arrangements, and content marketing to create a successful law practice design.

I am a member of the ABA-LPM’s eLawyering Task Force Committee, and the Executive Committee of California State Bar’s Law Practice Management & Technology section, where I chair the sub-committee for their publication, The Bottom Line. I serve on the Board of Editors of Legal Technology Newsletter, and my articles have appeared in Legal Technology Newsletter, TechnoLawyer, Law.com, The Bottom Line, ALA’s Legal Management magazine and ABA’s Law Practice Today and GP-Solo Magazine. I am a contributing blogger at Small Firm Innovation, and Attorney at Work. I have presented webinars for TotalAttorneys, RocketMatter and MassLOMAP in addition to my own site. My book, Law Practice Strategy: Creating a New Business Model for Solos and Small Firms is currently available here or on Amazon.com.

My 23 years of professional experience in law is a unique blend of traditional firm practice in business and real estate transactions and litigation, in-house counsel for real estate development, and business and real estate investments in California, Hawaii and New Mexico.

In 2009 I founded Freelance Law Firm, a virtual-based freelance attorney service, performing legal projects for outsourcing attorneys.  FLF was designed based on the emerging trends of a successful solo practice in this new era of technology that drives the proliferating legal services industry. At the same time, I began engaging in social media and became engrossed in the significant changes occurring in the legal profession, turning my attention to helping lawyers and law firms progress to stay competitive in a radically shifting professional environment.