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Legal Market Musings: A tale of two conferences

I attended two conferences on innovation in the legal sector last week. One discussed a survey on the future uses of ABSs. The second, LawTech Camp London 2012, focused on technology as drivers of innovation in the legal market. See on

The Disruptive Innovation at Axiom’s Legal Outsourcing Division

For much of its 12-year history, Axiom Global Inc. has been little more than a long-term legal temp placement agency. But two years ago the New York-based company created a new division to do legal outsourcing work. See on

Web 2.0: Choose the Right Case Management Software | Law Practice Management Section

CMS: it’s designed to help lawyers manage their client information, including everything from calendars to dockets to conflicts and all points in between See on

Legal Disruption: Lawline and the CLE Space | Official Clio Blog has redesigned, and retooled itself. It’s extensive library of CLE courses is now free. Solo and small firm lawyers, as well as the general public, can browse and access programs in audio or video format. See on

LPO at the General Counsel Conference in New York — Slaw

Of interest to the LPO community, was the panel, “Doing More with Less: Leveraging New Legal Service Models”. Eric Albert, director and senior counsel for Deutsche Bank AG talked about legal process outsourcing (LPO). See on

Some Solo Summit Summaries – e-Discovery Insights

If you’re a solo or true small firm in California, you really should consider attending next year’s Summit. Since it began in 2009, it’s been growing every year, and for good reason. See on

From Biglaw to Boutique: You Don’t Have to Like It

You absolutely need to focus on business development for your firm to succeed, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it… See on

2 New Ways to Pay Off Student Loans – US News and World Report

Two websites aim to prove that tackling a loan burden doesn’t have to be painful. See on

The dying cult of the corner partner

Let’s start with an odd fact: the self-interest of a law firm is fundamentally opposed to the self-interest of its most powerful partners. See on

Lawyers Get Vigilant on Cybersecurity

Lawyers, who increasingly rely on email, smartphones and other mobile devices to handle deals and other confidential matters, are being asked to encrypt messages, resist using free Wi-Fi connections, and regard even text messages as potential security threats. See on