The legal profession is currently undergoing a fundamental shift in the way law is practiced as a result of technology, globalization, and an unstable economy. In order to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world market, solos and small law firms need to integrate processes, technology, and sound business judgment into their practices. Discussing relevant topics such as creating a virtual law office, legal project management, security and ethics of the cloud, and alternative fee agreements to name but a few, Donna Seyle’s new book incorporates all the basic tenets necessary for these enterprises to keep pace with the times. There are many books on the market today that focus on just one or two trends of the evolving law practice management landscape, but none incorporate all of them in a comprehensive, accessible format like Law Practice Strategy: Creating a New Business Model for Solos and Small Firms. Uniquely targeted and highly ambitious, it is the ultimate go-to source for constructing a viable business strategy for the solo and small firms in need of an entrepreneurial makeover. With Law Practice Strategy: Creating a New Business Model for Solos and Small Firms, fundamental strategies are targeted to make this transition a reality, such as:


  • Cost containment and project management
  • Cloud productivity tools
  • Creating a virtual law office
  • Security, ethics, and regulation in the cloud
  • Legal Service Delivery Models
  • Content marketing
  • Alternative fee arrangements




Donna Seyle, Esq.About the Author

Donna Seyle has over twenty-three years of professional experience that is a unique blend of traditional firm practice and business experience in multiple levels of real estate law nationwide. She founded the virtual-based Freelance Law Firm in 2009 and Law Practice Strategy, a law practice information and advice center, in 2010. She is a member of ABA’s Law Practice Management Section and e-lawyering task force, ABA’s GP-Solo Division, and California State Bar’s Law Practice Management and Technology Division. She currently resides in Santa Cruz with her husband, her cat Morris, and an occasional son or two.