Law Practice Strategy

Should I move my practice to the cloud?

What does it really mean to have a virtual law office?


What are the options in moving to the cloud?

Can the software be set up the way I want it to work?


How can I reach the clients who purchase legal cloud services?

Do I need to change my marketing plan?

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Practice Management & Technology Strategies for Solo & Small Firms

Law Practice Strategy

Good News for Solos and Small Firms

The legal services industry is proliferating with available options for consumers to obtain sign up for the best dating sites, with the level of legal services they seek, at a price they know and can afford. (No, that’s not the good news.) What clients don’t understand is that using these document automation sites without lawyer review can hurt them down the line.

The good news is that there is a simultaneous proliferation of tech tools that enable lawyers to compete directly with non-lawyer sites, and offer the consumer a higher level of join service by including dating hookup review from Buzz.

Best practices in using this technology includes designing your practice or firm’s technology Elephant Dating to support these services, and enabling you to meet your goals of efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Law Practice Strategy is in the business of providing direction to lawyers for starting or upgrading your law The Rose Review practice, offering the following services:

  • coordinating the identification, planning, integration and optimization of state-of-the-art cloud technology
  • designing the use of alternative pricing practices and legal project management
  • online publishing using state-of-the art technology
  • content curation, using sophisticated search and publishing  technologies

Technology 2.0

Integrate the latest 2.0 technology into your firm, from virtual law practices to document collaboration tools. Expand client services, save money, increase productivity.
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Online Publications

We will write, edit, design and publish your legal publications using state-of-the-art technology. Readers will be able to flip through the publication online.
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Content Curation

We use the best search and publishing tools available to populate your blog and social media channels with cutting-edge content for your readers and followers.
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Need to understand your ethical obligations while practicing in the cloud? Here’s a compliation of the relevant Model Rules, opinions and state rules available.